Wrentham Youth Baseball and Softball Association's main objectives are to develop and encourage safe, healthy and fun youth activity through baseball and softball programs, in a predominantly outdoor setting. WYBSA programs will encourage children aged 5


We have prepared the accompanying FAQs to address questions that may arise for summer baseball. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask any member of the WYBSA.

1. How are age eligibilities determined?

Unlike our Spring Season teams, these teams represent a maximum eligible age as of April 30, 2019. 

2.  How are teams chosen?

Generally, the WYBSA elects a head coach for each team, and that coach then chooses his or her team. The factors used in selecting a player include, without limitation:

(1) Spring Season performance;

(2) Summer evaluation scores;

(3) past Summer performance; and

(4) team positional needs. When a head coach is not selected in advance, the WYBSA will conduct the evaluations and select the team.

3. How and when are head coaches chosen?

WYBSA seeks a qualified head coach who has demonstrated the ability, commitment and integrity to put together a team based on merit, coach the team to play competitively, and be a leader of young men and women demonstrating the important values of sportsmanship and respect. 

4. Who scores the players at the evaluations?

Each age group will have independent evaluators, meaning, that nobody with a child trying out for that age group will be allowed to score that age. These evaluators are usually Board Members or coaches from other age groups. Similarly, except in rare circumstances, those helping on the field during evaluations will not have a child in that age group.

5. How are KP teams chosen?

There is no established process to assemble these teams. It is still a new venture for us, and we have assembled KP teams in the past where the need and resources dictated based on individual town evaluations and expressions of interest. If there comes a point where interest exceeds available spots on these teams, then it is possible that a second evaluation with the other towns will be conducted.